Cree Demos 152 LPW LED Bulb Concept

Today Cree unveiled a concept LED light bulb with seriously impressive numbers.  Third party testing confirmed the delivery of 1,331 lumens at 8.7 watts with a CRI of 91 and a warm color of 2800 K.  With these numbers, the concept light bulb exceeds the 21st Century Lamp requirements in the L Prize competition, according to Cree.

The LED delivers an astonishing 152 lumens per watt (1,331 lumens/8.7 watts).

By comparison, a standard, 75-watt GE incandescent puts out about 1170 lumens for a dismal 15.6 lumens per watt (1170 lumens/75 watts).  The recently-announced Philips 75-watt replacement LED bulb, which uses 17 watts, puts out about 1100 lumens for a better 64 lumens per watt (1100 lumens/17 watts).

So with this concept bulb by Cree, we’re talking about a whole new level of performance.  Cree’s concept uses TrueWhite technology with light that is similar to an incandescent.

[+] Watch a video about Cree’s 21st Century LED lamp.

Credits: Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: Cree).

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  • Doug Bursnall

    Nice modern shape, with no bulge at the base to get hung up on tight fittings. Sweet.

  • MrSteve007

    I’ve found that Cree is almost entirely unmatched when it comes to quality of LED lamps. I bought one of their LR6 can lights when they first came out, nearly 4 years ago. It’s been in place at our office’s rear entry 24/7 light. Checking with a lumen meter, over the past 35,000 hours of use, I’ve only seen a 5% drop in lumens.

    Since then, I’ve installed some 30 of them around the office or my home, without any problems.

    Most of the no-name Chinese knock off LED crap I’ve bought loses 50% of its lumens within about 5,000 hours. I’m very excited to see this Cree product come to the market.

    • Preston

      I’ve heard and seen the same about the LR6.  This new concept is not a new commercial offering yet, but it’s nice to see what’s possible.. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice looking bulb. Would look quite nice naked. I bet we see these in some modern architect designs, with those cheap $2 porcelain bases, just like in the image. Now, I’ll have something to replace my 150 watt G40 bulbs.

  • Anonymous

    How about how long it lasts and cost and availability info.. I’m interested, but poverty level low income so if its expensive i need to know it will last long enough to justify the cost.

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