This is the Celo Residence, an award-winning guest house adjacent to an organic farm overlooking the South Toe River in Celo, North Carolina.  The home received an Honor Award from AIA Ashville and was featured in Fine Homebuilding and most recently in EcoHome Magazine with a Grand Award.  Celo Residence was Energy Star certified and received a 75 HERS with projected total energy costs of less than $30 a month.

The 1,540 square-foot cabin was placed on a down slope to minimize the visual impact of the home from neighbors and increase natural protection from strong northern winds.

To save energy, the green home has Icynene spray-foam insulation, Dow XPS insulation under the slab, high-performance HURD windows and doors, and Energy Star appliances.

To conserve water, Celo Residence has dual-flush toilets, water-efficient fixtures, drought-resistant plants, and a 3,750-gallon rainwater cistern for irrigation.  It also has rough-in work for a greywater system and solar PV to be installed in the future.

The project was built by Sunspace Homes and designed by Samsel Architects.

I first learned about the Celo Residence through our new green home submission form.  If you have a home project or renovation, submit it to the editors for potential publication.

[+] More photos of Celo Residence at Samsel Architects.

Credits: David Dietrich (#2, 3, 5); Chris Ermides, courtesy of Fine Homebuilding (#1, 4).