This is the Week’nder by Lazor Office, the architecture studio that brought us the FlatPak house. It was installed on Madeline Island last summer after a short ferry trip across Lake Superior.  The Week’nder includes extensive glass area and operable windows, sustainably harvested wood framing, steel and pine siding, galvanized steel roofing, and a compact footprint.  View more detail and photos below:

Week’nder was fabricated off-site to save waste and reduce the environmental impact associated with site construction.  The no-cut design, which conserves material and work, includes 2×6 framing and plywood sheets on concrete piers.

The structure was built off the ground to maintain the existing site; the site has water-permeable gravel in the driveway and irrigation-free native grasses everywhere else.

Lazor Office finished the exterior with a rough-sawn, knotty, stained pine — the hope is that it will look better over time, obviating the need for replacement.

Windows provide abundant lighting and passive cooling through cross ventilation.  This is all there is for cooling — there’s no AC — and warmth is provided by a wood-burning stove.  The appliances are all Energy Star and the toilets conserve water.

[+] More info on Lazor Office prefabricated homes.

Update: I edited this article to reflect that the home is by Lazor Office, the architecture studio behind the FlatPak house, and clarify other points and strategies. 

Credits: George Heinrich Photography.