This month Warmboard announced a new radiant heating panel, Warmboard-R, that is thinner than its other panel, making it ideal for remodels and renovations.  Warmboard-R is 13/16″ thick (as compared to 1-1/8″ for the standard version) and provides the same radiant heat performance.

Warmboard received feedback from customers that they wanted a slimmer panel, so the company delivered.  It can be used for in-floor and ceiling applications.

Warmboard-R has a square edge and is made with aspen and pine OSB in 2’x4′ panels.  The surface has 1060 alloy aluminum to create a uniform layer of warmth.  This provides higher output from lower water temperatures, according to Warmboard.

[+] More info on Warmboard-R Radiant Heat Subfloor.

Credits: Warmboard.