This place was inspired by Dasparkhotel, an innovative hotel in Austria built with recycled concrete tubular rooms.  Pictures of the place have been floating around the internet in the last few weeks.  It’s called TuboHotel, and it’s located 45 minutes south of Mexico City.  Each TuboHotel room includes a queen bed, desk light, fan, and under-bed storage.

T3arc did the design work and built the early units.  Construction was completed in three months, according to ArchDaily.

TuboHotel charges $500 pesos (~$43 dollars) per night and provides access to two bath houses with private showers and bathrooms.  Some of the modules are grouped in threes for a cozy kind of capsule hotel-style experience.  I bet it’d be fun to stay there.

Credits: Luis Gordoa; noticed at ArchDaily.