We’ve followed the growth of Reclaimed Space over the last few years and the Austin-based company has delivered some incredible rusty modern prefabs all over the country.  The factory is now finishing up work on a “Glam Tent” for Dunton Hot Springs Resort outside of Durango, Colorado.  The build includes a reclaimed bathroom and tent roof from Montana-based Reliable Tent & Tipi.

Glam Tent is a prototype with a studio, king-sized bed, a full bathroom, and a reclaimed wood-burning stove.  Reclaimed Space is making the windows with double-pane, low-e glass and installing reclaimed wood doors.  The tent aspect makes for an affordable structure and leaves a space for crosswinds to keep the building cool.

In the future, Dunton Hot Springs could have eight or so of these Glam Tents available for guests in need of an old-school fishing getaway.

Reclaimed Space sources the reclaimed elements from deconstructed homes like the one pictured below.

To date, the company has deconstructed over 10 homes, 8 small-medium barns, and the 8,000 square-foot Shiner Livery Stable.  This gives new life to old stuff in the form of unique and beautiful projects.  We’ll follow the Glam Tent and provide an update upon completion.

Credits: Reclaimed Space.