Near NZE Malone Project in Portland

This is an eco-friendly home in the Portland area that’s owned by Mike and Virginia Malone.  Their 3,336-square-foot project was designed by DeBar Architecture and built by Cellar Ridge Custom Homes for an undisclosed amount with green elements such as rooftop solar, sustainably harvested wood, LED lighting, and a massive water catchment system.  Check out the unique interior below.

The Malone Home received the highest level of certification from the Earth Advantage Institute, Platinum, as well as Energy Star certification and an Energy Performance Score of 23. It generates energy from a 6.5 kW solar PV system attached to the long-lasting metal roof (which is also made with recycled content).

For energy efficiency, the home was built with Serious Windows (disclosure: Serious Windows is one of our sponsors), solar hot water panels, 8″ dual wall construction and advanced insulation, a mini-split heat pump with four zones, and an HRV.  The virtually airtight home was tested with 1.5 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals.

To save water, Malone Home has dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucets, and a 6,000-gallon water catchment system.  Other green products include FSC-certified framing, reclaimed wood floors, Fuez recycled-content counters, PaperStone counters, Forbo Marmoleum, and low-VOC Pratt & Lambert Accolade paints

The project also incorporates local wood in various places.  Cabinetry and some floor sections are made with Oregon white oak, while other floor sections are completed with wood from the Bay Laurel Tree from Sutherlin, Oregon.

I first learned about this home via the new green home submission form.  If you have a home project or renovation, submit it to the editors for potential publication.

[+] More info on the Malone Project in Northeast Portland.

Credits: Sally Painter Photography.

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  • chris2x

    I hope they have three or four kids and a couple of offices, or a large basement in the square footage to justify the size. Otherwise, 3,349 sf seems just another oversized home claiming to be sustainable.

  • Dawn Graff-Haight

    I want my next home to be a Cellar Ridge Custom Home.  Beautiful, functional and sustainable 😀

  • M O Design

    Great Home..Great Builder!

  • Bob Ellenberg

    If the home is built, why is everything in computer generated drawings instead of photos?  any possibility of getting real pics of what it looks like?

    • JohnM

      Bob, there are more photographs on the builders website if you click the link above. These images actually are photographs.

    • Mike

      Bob:  Those are actual photos.


      • Sally Painter

        The house was photographed without furniture immediately following construction since move-in by the owners was destined to take considerable time.

  • Jon D.

    The ACH isn’t very good for a NZE home. I did a house similar in size with .25 ACH using the Zip system, Integrity windows and spray insulation.

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