ModRocks 100% Recycled Clear Glass Tile

California-based Modwalls now has ModRocks in stock.  The product is made with 100% post-consumer recycled glass on a mesh backing.  A single interlocking sheet (12″ x 12″) has ~1024 pebbles, each with a diameter of ~0.39 inches.  The pebbles come from crushed consumer bottles (no melting required), and ModRocks can be used in residential or commercial applications in both wet and dry areas.  One sheet is $25.95.

[+] ModRocks 100% recycled clear glass pebble tile.

Credits: modwalls.

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  • modwalls

    Love this!!

  • Ele Truk

    Ouch! $26 for one tile? It’s not like they had to get broken bottles from the moon or anything.

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