Musician’s Dwelling is Practically Modern

There’s some great green homes in Portland, including this one, the Musician’s Dwelling, which was included on the Build It Green! Home Tour in 2010.  Musician’s Dwelling was built through a collaboration between Departure Design and Hammer & Hand — like this ultra-efficient ADU — although the architect-owner assisted with this home.  Owners Connie and Morgan Curtis envisioned this as a place to make music and share art.

The 1,400 square-foot home includes a studio for music, painting, and media, as well as a ground-floor flex space near the garage that can be used as an accessory dwelling unit in the future.  The loft level includes the master bedroom.

From start to finish, the project team prioritized reclaimed, repurposed, and upcycled materials.  Old wood from the barn at the Oregon State Mental Hospital, which made an appearance in the acclaimed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, was used to clad the home.  The floors are made from reclaimed wood (see above photo).

In addition, Musician’s Dwelling has durable, long-lasting materials in critical areas.  There’s fiber cement panel siding, a commercial grade metal roof, concrete pavers in the roof deck, and extruded aluminum exterior windows.

Pleased with the result, owner Morgan Curtis said the new abode is a “perfectly practical and remarkably aesthetic new place to live and work,” according to Departure Design.  Indeed, besides living and working, this place is set for entertaining and maybe even providing some rental income, too.

[+] See more photos of the Musician’s Dwelling.

Credits: Mitch Snyder Photography.

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  • Blake

    can’t stop looking at the pics of this house…i’m in love!

  • Tim Burke

    Where is the studio?  Looks like it would be a big open space for lots of reverb for recording by the looks of the pictures, but then you have ambiance on everything, any or may not work out sound wise.  A cool house though.

    • Morgan Curtis

      Hi Tim, 

      12ft dark green theater curtains (made by Stagecraft Industries) are currently doing a great job of absorbing reflection. And they look great too.
      The sound on the following two video recordings was captured (with a matched pair of Rode microphones) in the space with curtains drawn. Both, spiral stair cavity and the stair cavity that descends to the front door make very effective bass traps.

      Ulf Bandgren / John Stowell: Into Norway

      Ulf Bandgren / John Stowell: “Freight Trane”

  • Matthew Eckermann

    where’s the ladder to get to the upper kitchen cabinets? or do you just stand on the counter? :)

    • Morgan Curtis

      The top is deep storage. I don’t want anyone to think I stand on my kitchen counter so will go with ladder. 

  • Sophia

    Cool stairs, check out also  3D Rendering

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