Energy-Efficient Home Remodel in Seattle

This is The Sentinel, a home that went through an efficiency renovation in Seattle.  The work was performed by Seattle-based Green Canopy Homes which takes existing homes in walkable neighborhoods and transforms them with high-performance upgrades and a touch of community design.  They all carry an Energy Performance Score and Built Green certification, and many of them have some geeky features like real-time energy monitoring, a digital homeowner’s manual, and on-site solar power.

To save energy, The Sentinel went through a comprehensive upgrade with new fluorescent lights, air and duct sealing, foam and rigid insulation, updated dual-pane windows, and a new ductless mini-split heat pump system.

The home also received new low-flow faucets and showerheads and a TED 5000 energy monitor connected with a new iPad 2.  The efficiency upgrades cost about $12,000, but Green Canopy Homes pegs the savings from these upgrades at about $861 per year.

Green Canopy Homes is targeting 3-star certification from Built Green Washington and the documentation will be included in an electronic homeowner’s manual.  The manual will also have information about the home’s features, energy performance, product warranties, paint colors, and other details to keep the home running in tip-top condition.

The project team came up with four color schemes for the exterior and requested input from neighbors and friends to make a final decision.  The community voted and chose “real teal” to finish the home.

The Sentinel is listed for sale right now for $499,950.  It has 1,822 square feet, three bedrooms, and 2.25 bathrooms.  The eco-friendly home is located at 4122 SW Southern Street in Seattle, Washington, 98136.

[+] More info on The Sentinel by Green Canopy Homes.

Credits: Green Canopy Homes.

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  • Sean Penrith

    Green Canopy Homes is leading the new retrofit model. We are thrilled to be able to work with them to provide the Energy Performance Score (EPS) for their high performance green homes.

    Earth Advantage Institute

  • Sarah

    If you are interested in viewing this home, please contact listing agent, Sarah Smith, at Thanks!

  • Jerry Blank

    Nice job!
    What is a .25 bath?

  • Sarah

    Jerry, in the real estate world they count the sum of bathrooms. This home has a full master bathroom (sinks, shower, tub, and toilet constitute a “full”), a 1/2 bathroom off the living area, and a 3/4 bathroom downstairs (sink, shower, toilet). So 1+.5+.75=2.25.

    • Jerry Blank

      Thanks Sarah! Here in the mid-Atlantic market (and our property tax records) there is no distinction between a bathroom with a shower and one with a tub. Both are considered “full baths”

  • Hateorlove6666

    Wow! amazing house you have. I can imagine if i have a house like yours.
    Replacement Windows Maryland


  • Bruce A Johnson

    The community voted for “Real Teal” as the siding color, but the developer chose Electric Blue instead or is the color lost in translation over the Internet? It’s not that I don’t like the color; I was just wondering.

    There are also a couple of curious details in the photos included: Is that the stair stringer interrupting the dark stained wood bands in the first interior pic? I also wondered about the exposed conduit/wiring on the exposed trusses for the lighting above the kitchen in the third photo. Why not use track for this condition at this price point?

    I like the idea of the ladder towel rack possibly used for bath w/o wall space for conventional towel bars; and the “fireplace” solution for what I presume is the “master bedroom is an interesting idea, although I am not sure what lurks behind that wall.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Antonio Rossol

    Great project! Really nice architecture.

    am sure that our homes have great potential for improvement!
    On I read that buildings account for
    40% of worldwide energy consumption and about 21% of all
    greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore this proves that we really have to focus on
    getting our homes more sustainable and more energy efficient.

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