Blue Line Innovations, maker of the PowerCost Monitor for tracking home energy use, recently introduced a new partnership with the People Power Company which includes a new mobile app called People Power 1.0.  Now, abandoned Hohm and PowerMeter users can switch over to People Power 1.0 for real-time electricity data, real-time pricing, budgeting, gaming, social interaction, and other information.

To get running, a homeowner needs the PowerCost Monitor or Black & Decker Power Monitor (which will have the meter sensor and display), the WiFI Gateway, and a free Android or iPhone app with an account at People Power.  The whole setup can be had for less than $200 on Amazon, for example.

At the most basic level, People Power 1.0 is an energy monitoring app with up to the minute tracking, rate look-up, and energy use detail by the day, month, and year.  Beyond that, the app lets the user set goals, track progress, and get recommendations for energy-saving devices and home purchases.

The app also lets a homeowner compare energy usage against other homes in the same state and country or other states and countries.  This information can be posted on Facebook, for example, or shared with friends and family, providing community-level engagement to energy monitoring.

All things considered, this is a good way for homeowners to start finding out how and when they’re using electricity.  The system is available through Amazon, Lowe’s, and several other online retailers, such as Frys, NewEgg, and Northern Tool + Equipment.  The app is available in Android and Apple app markets via People Power.

[+] More info on People Power Mobile Energy Management.

Credits: People Power Company.