This is a prefab design by Phoenix-based ASUL — which stands for adaptable system for universal living — and CSCP Consult in Savannah, Georgia. The tiny accessory dwelling unit has a 16′ x 20′ interior and is used by CSCP Consult as a “Think Tank,” or office, library, and study. The ADU, as shown below, is adjacent to a restored mid-century modern home and rests on 6-foot stilts to comply with FEMA flood zone requirements.

Think Tank was finished in a “both build” scenario whereby ASUL fabricated and erected the steel frame, walls, and roof, and CSCP Consult, with its design director Celestino Piralla and general contractor Capers Martin, buttoned it up. The on-site build took about three weeks.

The interior has FLOR floor tiles with about 44% overall recycled content, CB2 desks and storage, ISS industrial grade shelving, and eBay finds for the chairs, tulip table, and hanging lamp.

The construction includes a light-gauge steel frame, R38-batt insulation in the wall, floor, and ceiling cavities, plywood and fiberboard sheathing covered with a vapor barrier, argon-filled double-pane windows, interior solar shades with 5% light penetration, recessed LED lighting, and a galvalume skin.

ASUL has updated its pricing since the completion of this project, but the total project cost was about $59,000, which includes permits and about $10,000 attributable to meeting the FEMA requirements with stairs and the stilt foundation.

[+] More info on this ASUL ADU in Savannah, Georgia.

Photo credits: Celestino Piralla- CSCP CONSULT LLC.