Kraftplex and Wellboard are two wood-based products made by Well Ausstellungssystem Gmbh.  They’re intended for flat-panel applications, furniture design, and more, and they’re both made from 100% cellulose.  That means there is no formaldehyde added in adhesives or binders (although there is some naturally occurring formaldehyde in wood).  The difference between the two is that Kraftplex is a flat sheet of the material, and Wellboard comes in a few different corrugated profiles.

The panels are formed using heat and pressure to compress them in to finished form.  Wellboard and Kraftplex can be used for many applications that would otherwise use metal panels or plastic sheets, including wall panels, bar counter facing, and furniture and cabinetry.

You may recall another corrugated product, Corelam, which we wrote about recently. We’re not obsessed with corrugated materials, though we do find them appealing, and a prevalence of corrugated materials available for designers means we aren’t alone.

While Corelam emphasizes its strength, Wellboard is bendable enough that it can be used as a tambour for rolling-door cabinetry and for freestanding displays, using a clip to gather together the folds of corrugations to make a self-supporting standing partition.

Wellboard has also partnered with the company Okalux to develop a 3-D printing system that allows patterns to be printed on the corrugated material without distortion. Kraftplex is very well suited to being mold formed with 3-dimensional textures, similar to (or sometimes even better than) stamped metal. Both materials are also well suited for laser cutting, as well as more conventional fabrication with standard tools.

Wellboard and Kraftplex are produced in Germany and principally distributed in Europe. The material can be ordered from their online store. Wellboard pricing is roughly 30-45 Euros per square meter depending on the profile (about $4 to 6 per square foot). It may be possible to order for delivery to the US, although we haven’t thoroughly investigated that possibility.

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