Designer Ceiling Lamp Powered By the Sun

Velux introduced the Lovegrove chandelier about a year ago, and, with a best of the best Red Dot 2010 award, the sunlight diffuser is getting more and more interest.  Designed by Ross Lovegrove, the lamp works in conjunction with Velux sun tunnels.  Lovegrove’s orb reflects natural sun light to the ceiling for room distribution and can be adjusted for intensity and angle.  The product is supposed to be available starting this month; find and contact a Velux distributor for pricing and availability.

[+] More info on the Velux Sun Tunnel by Lovegrove.

Credits: Velux.

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  • Doug Bursnall

    Simple and effective, I can see lots of aftermarket options like this in the future.

  • MOT

    Now, to make it more awesome, they could use the sunlight in the tube to power a light to use at night.  The diffuser could also be a light.   Hmmm…

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