Top 10 Green Building Products [2011]

Sustainable Industries recently announced its sixth-annual Top 10 Green Building Products as selected from more than 100 entries this year by an expert panel of judges.  The products have been chosen based on a view toward environmental performance, scalability/market impact, innovativeness, design aesthetic, value and compatibility with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.  Here are all ten:

Some of these you’ve no doubt seen before.  You can follow the links above to learn about the products on each company’s website. Any thoughts?

[+] More info on the Top 10 Green Building Products of 2011.

Credit: DIRTT, showing the the Breathe Living Wall.

  • Gene

    I installed and reviewed the HydroRight dual flush last year. In short, it’s a good product, but the button can be hard to push.

  • Randy from trending news

    I buy only energy star appliances when I replace things (I have replaced
    a computer, fridge, windows, printer, water softener, front loading
    washing machine and water heater in the past 3 years). 

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