Tigressá SoftStyle Area Rug [Giveaway]

*Leave one comment per person through the end of Wednesday, June 8, 2011, to be considered for a random giveaway of one Tigressá area rug from Shaw Floors.

Last year Shaw Floors sent us a sample kit of their new Tigressá SoftStyle carpet, which is made with recyclable Nylon 6 and designed for durable, long-life performance.  In celebration of the one year anniversary of the launch, Shaw sent us an 8′ x 10′ area rug called A Touch Too Much, the number one selling style in Tigressá, and gave us an extra to give away today.

Tigressá carries the Green Select label, which is maintained by Carpet One as an indicator that the floor is recyclable, made with recycled content, or made from a natural, sustainable, quickly renewable resource, or all three.

In addition, Tigressá is made with dense, super-strong fibers that show less matting, crushing, and wear, even after considerable use.  Yet the carpet is still soft to the touch.

Tigressá SoftStyle is currently on sale at various outlets including Carpet One and Flooring America, should you want to check it out in person.

*To participate in this giveaway, leave a comment here by midnight MST on Wednesday, June 8, 2011.  The winner must provide name, email, address, and phone so that Shaw can arrange to deliver the area rug.  One comment per person; use a valid email; available only in the United States.  By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to giveaways on Jetson Green.

UPDATE: you do not need to place your email in the comment if your profile has an email in it.  I will use the email in your profile.

UPDATE 2: the giveaway is now over and a winner has been announced in the comments.

Photo credit: Shaw Floors.

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  • Hamptonsecothink

    Looks soft, like a cuddly blanket. With a carpet this cushy, I may just start sleeping on my floor! 

  • rc

    looks interesting.  we’ve been talking about getting another area rug for our living room, too.

  • Kat Polkadot

    Looks like a nice rug!

  • nnyl

    Using recycled nylon makes this so much easier to enjoy and know we are not contributing to wasteful buying. And I would add that we are also needing a new rug for the livingroom as we have tile and bought a used rug many years ago.

  • Pureenergyyoga

    Looks like a good carpet for under the eco yoga mats.

  • Silkie

    Recycled, Green, the only way to go!  Our health and that of Earth depend on it! 

  • Stwert

    We had Shaw carpet put down in our office and just love it!  Very practical and easy to clean.
    I would imagine that this rug has the same quality. 

  • Modproperties


  • Pds

    Beautiful and green too!

  • Gail

    Sure would like one of those!

  • http://profiles.google.com/soluckyducky Sarah Cook

    Ooh, that does look super soft!!
    (My email is in my profile.)

  • MJ Stark

    It would be an awesome carpet for my bro’s slow build (as in, pay as he goes) green as possible small house, up in the NC mountains (those floors get cold in the winter!). 

  • Amolibri

    Looks heavenly!!!  After losing my house in a fire…I’d love to begin my new one with a comfy rug!!!!

  • Glen Martin

    We have a perfect place for it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000856730 Ken Stokes

    Too much? It could be just right for the 500sf treehouse where my wife and I live and work…

  • Meganhumphrey

    Sweet! What a great looking simple rug. Thanks for the chance!!

  • SC

    I definitely could use a new rug.

  • Casey Hyer

    a rug without dangerous fumes would be perfect for my new born girl!!

  • http://polkadotjumper.blogspot.com Olivia

    Very nice looking rug, plus it’s good for the earth. Great combination.

  • Flashover1982

    Looks nice. I am just getting into going green your website is a big help

  • colleen

    wonderful, looks so soft! the rug at our bedside is fraying and curled on the edges so my husband trips, but we never seem to manage to replae it… he’s had it forever! this might just be perfect enough to get him to switch out the old rug for this one!

  • Schmidty

    Looks wonderful! Thank you for the entry!

    (email in profile)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ecozebra Andrew Stone

    Looks great!  Would love to win this since we are going to be uncovering our wood floors soon and will need an area rug in the dining room.  

  • Emerson1899

    Desperately need a new rug! Architect/interior designer couple would love it!

  • cullen howe

    Hi.  I would like to enter this giveaway.  

    Cullen Howe

  • Janine Jordan

    We are trying to make our home an “eco case study” home.  We requested a new rug (got rid of the cow hide!!!) for our wedding but did not receive.  It would be lovely to win this beautiful rug!

  • Manhattanconcrete1

    Great style of Tigressá, I will definitely use it on my floor because I like it so much. . .
    Best info thanks for sharing

  • http://www.radicalmediasolutions.com Gene

    The Tigressá SoftStyle looks like it would hold up well to our 2 year-old’s busy feet, while pleasing the adults in the house who love to entertain.  Recyclable, soft and durable… excellent attributes that we like too!

  • Marina

    how does it do with pet stains?

  • Jvedder

    Looks like a great rug with so many positive attributes, why aren’t all carpets made from recylced materials as a standard?

  • Tom

    Nice Ruug

  • S Dubinsky

    I look forward to seeing/feeling this rug in person! I am interested to see the amount of recycled materials used and too see how soft they turn out to be! It’s impressive!

  • Nate Scramlin

    What a great conversation piece for the living room of a recent first-time homebuyer!

  • Ebrammer

    Mmmm. I want to sink my toes in it.

  • Palila

    Nice! That looks like an excellent rug.

  • Justin L

    Looks great, crossing fingers!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Justin, congrats, you’re the winner of this area rug.  I’ll email you separately to get your contact info to arrange with Shaw to have the rug delivered.  

  • Briankmark

    Pretty dang cool looking!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  • http://www.kootenaylakevillage.com Siara Berkeley

    The look plus eco friendly makes this a great rug. We just laid a black eco friendly “leather” floor in our new spec home and the light colour of this carpet would look fantastic on the new floor. My three children would love playing lego on it and they wouldn’t be breathing in any toxic fumes!

  • http://www.k-a-studio.com Terry

    Basic need – expanding the trade show booth for our architecture firm.  We are finishing up our 2nd LEED project and this would be a great way to introduce potential clients to green building.

  • Megan Bentley

    Oh I just love this rug ! my precious pooch Shadow (a dapple dachshund) loves laying on carpet and so do I, but I do not have a rug at my house…this one would be perfect! :)

  • http://www.righthometoday.com Curt

    If I win, I promise to treat it with all the respect, kindness, and loyalty that a piece of carpet deserves.

  • http://www.sunlightsolar.pro Terry Beever

    Who Doesnt want a Fresh New Eco-Friendly RUG?!

  • scootermac

    that is perfect for the new house i just bought!

  • Kyle Townsend

    Beautiful rug. It would be great if it held up as reported.

    [ed. note] removed personal information and will email for shipping details if you win.

  • Elaine Hsieh

    Hi Preston, We just got a new rescue puppy and we’re likely going to need a new living room rug soon. :-) Hope you are well!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      That’s fun!  I bet you will need a new living room rug, those dogs can be a handful.  Great to hear from you.  

  • http://www.garden-furniture-outlet.co.uk/rattan-garden-furniture Frankadams985

    The room is looking so beautiful with the sofa chair and the rug.. Simple and adorable..

  • c s

    Thanks, Preston for all your hard work in bringing us the latest in design/build/technology.

  • Ben

    low impact rugs — inspirational 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamin-Rowan/100001472978142 Jamin Rowan

    We’re in need of an area rug for the house we just bought–this would be ideal!

    -jaminrowan at gmail.com

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