Solar Powered Sunset Idea House 2011

This is Sunset‘s Idea House, or Cargotecture, which was just on display recently during Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park.  It’s a tiny living space of 192 square-feet, though there’s room to sleep up to four.  It’s also solar-powered and ultra-modern, yet the nine-year old container structure has visited dozens of countries and traveled more than a half million nautical miles.

The modern home was designed and fabricated by Seattle-based HyBrid, which offers a base model of the c192 Nomad from $59,500.  The 24′ shipping container has a galley kitchen, micro bathroom, and large openings for blended indoor, outdoor space.

HyBrid finished the structure with an exterior of primary yellow and Andersen windows and doors.  Inside, the kitchen features wood counters and simple, functional cabinets, while the bathroom has a dual-flush toilet, Duravit sink, and ceiling-mounted shower.  There’s also a sofa and fold-down bed.

[+] More info on the Sunset Idea Home 2011.

Credits: E. Spencer Toy/Sunset Magazine.

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  • Terry Beever

    Love This!

  • Johnny Hartsfield

    Hybrid Architecture is also designing homes for Seattle-based GREENFAB, builder of sustainable, prefab homes.  Check them out at  

  • Sea Wolf

    Arguably too small, even for fans of small houses, but as a paradigm it hits all the right notes.    

  • Ed94110

    I think it’s brilliant and wish I could buy one now!  I’ll keep dreaming.

  • garagecat

    Very nice and light filled.This is the kind of back yard second unit houses that are just too cool.

  • Anonymous

    Really great example of what can be done with shipping container modifications.

  • INNOVATOR Promoter

    GREAT IDEA!  Especially for those finding themselves homeless in this economy!  Now if banks would subscribe to idea of a graduated mortgage payments over 5-yr span for such citizens for $59,500 – $66,500 [if add-on’s] then many could swing such abodes. This would increase home ownership and aide in ensuring community stabilization again.  Besides why not?  What would it hurt?  Not homebuilders – – they would jump on bandwagon. Not Landlords – – ditto!  Not Homeowners – – they would benefit by neighborhood restabilization and their home values would increase vs. decrease. (Caveat: Style may be issue for some stick-to-neighborhood-styles ‘hard-whorts’ – but so what!)  Frankly, for the life of me can’t think of why this has taken until 2009 to be a feasible realty.  Oh yeah, the Railroad Co.’s would love the idea as well – – i.e.:  Getting rid of older, but still good, railcar’s would certainly be an advantage to their books!  That’s for sure.  Know this to be FACT!

  • INNOVATOR Promotor

    Just think: 1)College Kids who want to live off-campus but can ill-afford to. And Mom & Dad don’t want to ‘foot-the-bill’ for the kickback/study pad!  Voila!  A viable solution!  And with a nice outdoor deck attached…..this would be a great hangout as well!  Hey, can’t beat that with a stick!

    Now think: 2) Adult-Children-Living-With-Parents….(more than 3.4 mln in U.S. alone!) Yeah!  Many employed at least part-time!  Many that would embrace a PRIVATE space to call home again!  But due to income limits or income fluctuations can ill afford to shovel out the amount of dollars for a $200,000+ home – – especially in this jobless economy!  COME ON!  This would be a ‘brilliant’ solution!  Especially with a small add-on or two!  Can’t be beat!

    And lastly think:  3) Empty-Nester Senior Citizens – – Kids GONE!  Don’t have energy or stamina to clean bigger homes anymore!  Besides, tired of doing that task ANY-way and desire to see the world a bit or just pursue other activities outside the home.  Most seniors state: “Hey, who cares, I can’t take this big house with me when I die. It’ll still be here and I’m gone. Plus, the kids don’t want it!  They have their own homes!  And I surely don’t need to be bothered with the expense of INCREASING PROPERTY TAXES on my fixed income. Ahh, who needs the headache!  I don’t and that’s a REAL fact!  You can take that to the bank!” So this would obviously be an alternative solution for them that rings KA-CHING!

    Now, does anyone out there get the idea(s)?  If not, then you aren’t using your visionary capabilities!

  • Anonymous

    If my previous 2 posts has given anyone some NEW, innovative business ideas than I applaud you and just say this:  GO FOR IT !!!  In this economy this a  DEFINITE WIN-WIN especially in rural areas of the U.S. and outside of major metro cities.  Oh Boy, is it ever!  And believe me the money is out there to finance an entire community of such abodes!  
    Hey, I wouldn’t say any of these things if I didn’t whole-heartedly BELIEVE and in fact KNOW that all those ideas are indeed possible and that todays citizens are indeed in dire need of such a place. 
    And solar-powered!  WOW!  ADDED BONIUS!  Lower Utility Costs!  And theres a company that sells solar-panels that homeowners can purchase [see:  And let’s not forget about Wind-Power.  Boy, oh boy, THE POSSIBILITES, the possibilities are endless – E.n.d.l.e.s.s.s.s.s.s.~!
    This is exciting!  Finally, solutions are out there!

    • Marlenejgd

      Like the design, but overpriced at $59,500.  Defeats the purpose of a container home.

      • Dan Sokol

        Marlene,  Take a peek at my work: – easily half the price and great features.  Also, I will customize to your specs.

  • geoffrey fulton

    Great to see more shipping container housing. For very little more money you could have a house twice the size!! We want to see more containers being used for people suffering from major disasters. We offer advice to people in that situation so that they can get into a container house for as little as $10,000 (usually offered by governments anyway) They can very quickly be under cover, protected and much better than tented, and then can progressively add to the house to make it any size and any standard of luxury. See what we have to offer on

  • Really????

    $59,500 for a glorified Barbie house……. Are you kidding me?  For that price it should have come with the pink Barbie Jeep too.

  • hepp0016

    Greenflab at over $300 per square foot!

  • Benjamin Freeman

    Well at $60K I don’t think they’ll be flying off the shelf. Especially when I can buy the steel can for $5K and do it myself for around $25K so basically half the price. But they did go a bit high end. PieceHomes is another pre-fab maker going over the top on prices. 500 sq ft studio for $175K there nuts. 

  • Aynturner

    Its really cute and i love it. Something to aspire to own. Minimalism.

  • Aynturner

    Its really cute and i love it. Something to aspire to own. Minimalism.

  • Missymoffitt

    This might sound a little crazy, but this is all I want for a house! I want a shipping container home; it is perfect for so many different reasons. Recycle, sturdy,and unique!!! I have the land, now I just need the perfect container house. HELP! 

  • kim

    Hello there! I own a piece of land in Kansas in a small town called Andover. Is there financing available for this particular cargo home? Also, I would like to know who builds them once delivered. I know I would have to go get a permit. But am I on my own when it comes to hiring someone to build it? Lastly, if you do have contractors who build them, how much is the cost roughly? Many thanks!


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