This new home supports the notion that a Passive House doesn’t need to look a certain way.  It turns out that a Passive House (certification pending in this case) can take on a what’s being referred to as a “mission revival style.”  Called Menlo Passive, this “Old World,” luxury home was built by California-based Clarum Homes, a builder of high performance custom homes, and is currently listed for sale at the price of $2,695,000.

Menlo Passive, a name derive from its location in Menlo Park, is billed as the “first passive home” in San Mateo County.  Clarum Homes says it is “extremely comfortable, healthy, economical, and sustainable,” plus, it comes with a laundry list of high-performance features.

For instance, Menlo Passive has solar tubes, satellite-controlled irrigation, induction cooking, a condensing dryer, formaldehyde-free cabinets, bamboo and reclaimed wood floors, low-VOC paints, a Zehnder heat recovery ventilator, dual-flush toilets, drought-tolerant landscaping, permeable pavers, garage exhaust fans, and an electric car plug.

The construction is with an insulated foundation (R11), Premier SIPs walls (R30) and roof (R44), Energy Complete, Foamular exterior insulation, a liquid-applied air and moisture barrier, Gaulhofer and Serious Windows (disclosure: Serious Windows is one of our sponsors), and an exterior finish with stucco.

Clarum expects Menlo Passive to use up to 90% less energy than a traditional home.  Additionally, the home has a three-panel solar thermal system from Velux that could provide up to 90% of domestic hot water energy and up to 40% of space heating energy.  A 4 kW Sharp photovoltaic system powers the residence with energy from the sun.

[+] See the listing of 1206 N. Lemon Ave for $2,695,000.

Credits: Clarum Homes.