Bob Lindal is the President of Lindal Cedar Homes, and his company is probably the largest provider of custom cedar homes in the country.  Bob has been in the business for about 50 years, and today published a letter on the company blog.  Lindal explains that he’s seen several recessions before, but this one is different.  Prior recoveries retained the status quo, but “this emerging recovery is into a fundamentally changed world with new long-term priorities in housing.

Specifically, Lindal sees five fundamental changes in housing going forward:

  • Energy efficiency will remain a high priority as costs continue to rise
  • Sustainability and the efficient use of materials will grow in priority as worldwide demand and costs increase
  • Smartly designed flexible, naturally lit and ventilated interiors, compensating for continued downsizing, will be highly valued
  • Mortgage financing will be available but with greater restriction
  • Simplicity in both process and design will mitigate the growing demands of concurrent professional, community, family, and personal priorities

In other words, the home of the future will be energy efficient, sustainable, ventilated, functional, comfortable, and attainable.

Thoughts?  Do you think we’re in for fundamental housing changes going forward?  If you think we’re in for change, what makes this recession different than prior ones?

Credit: TD3 2010 in the Dwell Homes Collection.