Ford Showcases the Garage of the Future

In the rapidly changing landscape of automobiles, what will your garage look like to accommodate all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles?  Ford has worked with many partners in the development of their home charging system for the electric Focus, to be released this year, and the upcoming plug-in hybrid and electric versions of the all new C-MAX.

The wall mounted unit will be powered by a standard 240V outlet and is stated by Ford to be less expensive than similar systems for Nissan and Chevy on the market.  The system will be available through Best Buy with installation by the GeekSquad to make the process seamless and as easy as any other appliance purchase.  With such an installation you can also easily take the charging unit with you when you move.

Built by Leviton with programming from Microsoft, the charger has the ability to offer a straight or value charge, selected within your vehicle as you arrive, using the industry standard SAE J1772 electrical charging connector (below).  The straight charge will charge your vehicle in 3 hours to full capacity and range of 100 miles.

However, if you are parking overnight or for an extended period, you can set the charger to value charge and tell the car when you need it to be fully charged.  From there, it will charge your vehicle at the cheapest demand rates from your local utility, not only saving the homeowner money but also decreasing peak loads.  For peace of mind, it comes complete with smart phone apps to monitor the status of your charge from anywhere.

Disclosure: Ford invited Jetson Green to Forward with Ford 2011 and covered expenses for travel, lodging, and meals during the conference.  All opinions are our own.

Photo credits:  Jetson Green, LLC (top); Ford (bottom two).

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  • Fredrick Getzschman

    Great ideas coming from FORD! I am glad they are thinking of the structure where their electric cars will be parked and re-charged. It shows they are truly thinking-through all aspects of their offering to the consumer. 

    Fredrick Getzschman, Editor

  • Anonymous

    What is “Garage of the Future” about this? I’ve had a EVSE in my garage for 4 years now, and it’s to charge a 12 year old EV (Ford Ranger EV). So I guess my garage has been from the future for 4 years now!

    BTW, that garage is just too neat, where’s all the usual crap?

  • Mike Graham

    now i’d like a package deal with car, solar panels, flow battery, and charger

  • Tyra Shortino

    Well, if electric cars would come to full blast in the near future, this garage would be very much needed. Kudos to Ford for continuously creating such consumer-friendly services. It’s evident that they do strive to give their customers the best services possible.

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