125 Haus is a home under construction that could become a model for next-gen housing that’s extremely energy and cost efficient.  Architect and owner Jörg Rügemer* expects this to be Utah’s most energy-efficient and cost-effective house, which is saying a lot given the fact that the Breezeway House obtained Passive House certification on a budget.  When complete, 125 Haus will have three bedrooms, a studio, and 2,400 square feet with an expected construction cost of $118 per square foot.

Prior to construction, Rügemer directed an integrated design process with key players to iterate the design for efficiency and affordability.  Without this process, says Rügemer, the home would not be built the way it is being built and it would not cost anything near $118 per square foot for construction.

The cold-climate home is located at an elevation of 7,000 feet near Park City, Utah.  It’s designed to the German Passivhaus standard and will meet the requirements of either LEED Gold or Platinum certification, according to Rügemer.

125 Haus will be about 90% more energy-efficient than the built-to-code IECC 2006 standard building based on EnergyPlus and Passive House Planning Package energy modeling.  Upon completion in September 2011, the project’s construction, energy savings, cost efficiency, and ROI will be measured with a two-year post-occupancy monitoring period.

The home is being built by Garbett Homes, the same company behind Solaris A and Solaris B.  125 Haus will have double-stud construction, a layer of exterior insulation, Cascadia and Serious windows (disclosure: Serious Windows is one of our sponsors), an HRV, and a small ground source heat exchange loop.  Automated, operable windows will help with cooling in the summer, and a direct-vented, gas-fired fireplace will supplement space heating in the winter.

*Atelier Jörg Rügemer is a professor for sustainable architecture at the School of Architecture, University of Utah, and co-founder and assistant director of I-TAC (Integrated Technology in Architecture Center).

[+] More info on the cost-effective, low-energy 125 Haus.

Credits: Jörg Rügemer.