Grow Food in a Vertical Home Minigarden

As someone trying to raise more plants indoors, I really like the Minigarden product, which combines a neat vertical wall design with food growth.  The white garden comes in a basic setup with three layers (nine pockets) with one water collection tray, three lids and trays, three planting rows, and 18 assembly clips.  When assembled, the Minigarden, which is made with a strong copolymer polypropylene plastic, is 25″ l x 5 3/4″ d x 23″ h.  The three-layer version sells for about $59.95.

[+] Purchase a Minigarden from EarthBOX in the U.S. – $59.95.

Credits: Minigarden; noticed at Urban Gardens.

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  • Anandi Premlall

    I want some!

  • brian

    Wow! I love those strawberries in a cup. This is the coolest garden concept I have ever seen. Like the person who commented before I want some too!!

  • Tropical Fish Tanks

    The world is green.  greenery is necessary our health. Green  atmospheric is protective any kind of fever. Like a green veg table is good for our body and mind.

  • William

    OMG! What a beautiful place to live with. I really like it. I learned something today.

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