The Great Prefab Debate [3:30 PM EDT]

Treehugger‘s Great Prefab Debate is set for today at 3:30 p.m. EDT, so bookmark this page and come back. You can watch live and submit comments. This will be an old fashioned debate for the resolution that “prefabrication is a greener way to build.” Michelle Kaufmann, Michelle Kaufmann Studio, will speak for the resolution, and Chad Ludeman, Postgreen Homes, will speak in opposition. Then there will be questions, conclusions, judges remarks, and some final wrap up for audience voting.

Meanwhile, feel free to browse our extensive green prefab archives to brush up; and here’s the original article by Chad that opened this discussion.

Update – you can catch the debate above, cast your vote on Treehugger.

  • Brandonjoconnor

    This should be good. Im looking forward to it.

  • Barry Rosengrant

    We believe that a totally thermally enclosed structure is critical.  Insulating between two by fours or two by sixes makes no sense.  We have combined the best of both: Factory producted modules and site assembled which eliminates most of the issues discussed.  Almost zero waste and total, air tight structure with no thermal leaks.  Barry Rosengrant

  • Xsimpletunx


  • Anonymous

    Chad mentioned Sweden, and I just wanted to post a link to a video showing a house install in Sweden. 95% of houses there are built this way. All energy efficient, all very high quality construction – everybody gets a house like this. Not just those wealthy enough to experiment with an odd fad like PreFab. 

    From the prepped slab on grade, to the house under roof takes place in under 8hrs. The site work that preceded this is also greatly more efficient than our typical foundation practices here. The fabrication of the panels in the factory typically takes 1-2 days for a single house. And the completion of the interior following the set may take a month.

    This is a mature home building industry, where not only the entire install process has been well sorted, but each of the components that go into the house from windows, to plumbing and wiring have been rethought to make off site building more efficient. By comparison what passes for “prefab” here is a joke. “Prefab” has become a marketing hook for an undisciplined effort to build under roof in the US. The correct term will come to be Off Site Construction.

  • Rwbrawn

    Wow!  Sweden is hugely ahead of U.S. builders!  Thank you for that video link.

  • Iheartmarlee

    odd… there is a randy brown who works for barry rosengrant in LA. are you two schilling for barry’s fugly product?!?

  • brian

    Can’t believe I missed it. anyway I am catching up now.

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