Resysta, the Non-Wood, Wood

(c) Max Strang Architecture

Resysta is an attractive, sustainable, and non-plastic alternative to wood.  With the look and feel of wood, Resysta is very durable, water-resistant and most comparable to the typically unsustainable, tropical hardwoods; however, it contains no wood.  Suitable for decking, cladding, interior wall cladding or marine applications, Resysta is flexible enough for all projects.

Composed of primarily rice husks along with common salt and mineral oil pressed into boards, it is an innovative material which takes advantage of the previously end of life rice husks, which are typically burned.

Another benefit, unlike wood, it does not contain lignin, a compound within wood that causes greying, therefore keeping it’s original color.  Resysta is also fully recyclable — the company will take back the product at the end of its use to reintroduce the material into the production cycle.

(c) Max Strang Architecture

(c) Max Strang Architecture

Driven to find an alternative to the price premium of FSC certified tropical hardwoods, Max Strang Architecture, AIA Miami 2010 Firm of the Year, utilized Resysta throughout the recently completed Lakehouse in Winter Haven, Florida (pictured in this article).  This soon to be LEED-certified home is a showcase of the innovative product, embodying the firm’s philosophy of “Environmental Modernism.*

Available in a variety of profiles such as decking (smooth and corrugated), dowels, inlays, wall cladding, and typical board dimensions, Resysta can also be worked the same as wood without splintering or cracking.  The product, manufactured in Indonesia, Vietnam and Germany, is priced around $4 a linear foot for decking and wall cladding.

(c) Max Strang Architecture

(c) Max Strang Architecture

[+] More info on “The Better Wood” Non-Wood Resysta.

*Disclosure: this author previously worked for Max Strang Architecture.

Credits: Max Strang Architecture.

  • Joe dusel

    This looks like a very interesting product. I looked on their web site and the picture in the furniture section scared the heck out of me. The guy cutting the stuff on the table saw is a real idiot.

  • Keith Blake

    Nice looking product. A quick note though. Although Resysta isn’t plastic, mineral oil is derived during the petroleum oil refining process… just like our friend plastic.

  • Josh Wynne

    I saw this product at the IBS and was really impressed. Although there is some substantial shipping involved, it definitely addresses Florida’s need for a sustainable weather resistant wood substitute. I am curious to see how it looks after a few years.

  • Peter Condon

    Have used this decking, a lot of problems with distortion and warping 10 months after installation. Very hard to get Resyta to back up their product.

    • Ccupton

      Where was this product installed ????

    • Norbert Reis

      Same experience after horrible warping, did you get a resolution?

    • Sareh

      Can you a bit explain about this problem you faced with Resysta? I appreciate your help.

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