High Recycled Content NewWood

In addition to dRain Joint, I also noticed this 100% recycled-content board called NewWood at the National Green Building Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City.  The “wood” is actually a composite of recycled plastic and recycled wood that is locally sourced and manufactured in Elma, Washington.

The company behind the product says NewWood can stand up to any condition (i.e., heat, rain, freeze cycles). According to a marketing pamphlet, NewWood is more impact resistant and absorbs less water than OSB, hardboard, and fiber cement, based on testing.

NewWood can be nailed and cut and is available in 4’x8′ sheets in 7/16″ thickness.  At this size, a sheet weighs 60.5 pounds.  NewWood has various potential uses and the start-up that makes it suggests trying the product as underlayment, utility board, backer board, and in landscape applications.  A version for fencing will be available later this summer.

The company is shipping its high-performance wood composite beginning this month, so you have an interest, you can contact New Wood online.

  • Anonymous

    I am always glad to see products that utilize a waste stream to produce a product or resource. This one seems to have a lot of promise. I will point out one note of caution when it comes to using manufactured wood/structural products, which is that there have been many cases where such products have been shown to degrade or fail when exposed to water/moisture or fire. So, for instance, if you had a fire in a house that has manufactured wood joists, the joists could delaminate or degrade and lose much of their integrity whereas real wood would char and retain much of its integrity. The binders and glues used in the products need to be tested. Just something to keep in mind when considering the application of such innovations.

    • SaltLakeGreenie

      I actually checked out this booth also, and from what the representative told me is that they do not use ANY glues, resins, etc in their product. They use extremely hot air and push it through their product to get the plastic content to flow and encapsulate the wood fibers. They then wrap the whole thing in a recycled plastic film giving it an extremely high hydrophobic property. Because everything is encased in plastic, you wont see what a normal wood plastic composite product would show for water absorption!

      I for one am extremely excited for this product to hit the market!

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  • http://www.thesimplehouse.com Bill Randall

    I contacted Steve Pottle at NewWood and spoke with him for about a half hour about their product. We’re excited about it, too. We are starting a new venture of modular kit homes for developing countries (http://www.world3homes.com) and have been looking for a sustainable product that meets ALL three elements of the triple bottom line (economics has been the biggest hurdle). A 4 x 8 sheet is targeted at about $25. We’re anxious to get our prototype going. We’ll keep you posted!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Bill, that’s great to hear.  I’d love to learn more about this endeavor as it develops.  Best of luck!

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