Modern Chicken Coop in Urban Seattle

Check out this lively, modern chicken coop by Nicole Starnes Taylor of MAKE Design Studio.  Taylor designed it for three chickens and their owners in urban Seattle.  With a screen floor and castors, the mobile hen house fertilizes the underlying ground.  Also, the coop has a hinged door for easy access and can be used as a chicken tractor if need be.  Taylor built the 15 square-foot coop with salvaged framing lumber.

[+] More info on this chicken coop by MAKE Design Studio.

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  • Manhattanconcrete1

    Wow! This is very cool chicken coop I like it, this modern chicken coop in urban Seattle is looking beautiful and comfortable for cook or hen, your post is good and interesting.Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Crystal Berger

    Great idea!  And I like the idea of mobility. 

  • Andrew Stone

     This is a great coop!  I think I am going to try and build one.  

  • HM B

    The  weight on the small casters makes it not moveable on grass. why cover the nice mesh with heave lumber?

  • Murah Kavoang

    good idea….  making coop is the best one to make your chicken stay healthy and grow strong with out any diseases..i am very thankful to this blog that give more info about my chicken shelter..   

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