Google Intros Smart LEDs, Android@Home

In the very near future, expect to be able to control devices, appliances, and lights in your home with the help of Google. That’s the information coming out of Google’s developer conference, Google I/O, where Android@Home was first announced. With the right app, an Android-powered smart device, and an intelligent LED replacement bulb from Lighting Science Group, a savvy homeowner could geek out a home without much effort.

Google sees the home as an accessory, or a network of accessories, with Android as the operating system.  This is Android@Home, and lighting is just one accessory.  It happens to be the first on board with the new home system.

Pictured is the prototype smart bulb which will be enabled and controlled through Android.  LSG told Jetson Green the bulb should be on shelves by the holidays at the end of this year. It will be ultra efficient, long lasting, high output, omnidirectional, and made in the typical A19 form.

Some of this kind of smart-home functionality is available on the market through ZigBee or Z-Wave enabled systems, but Android@Home will not use either of these, according to early reports. The wireless interconnect is said to run through the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPAN), according to LED Magazine, using the 6LoWPAN protocol.

Credits: Lighting Science Group.

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  • Eddie Starr

    :) I am all about trying this , however, I have X10 and a Touch Control System, so Maybe (HOPEFULY) Google’s Android@HOME will be Backwards Compatible with X10 :)

  • Litecraft Lightbulbs

    This sounds great – any ideas on the price bracket for the bulb and how long it would last?

  • Alice Winters

    I found some pretty good deals on the new Philips A19′s on They are offering a $10 rebate off any product or off the total purchase amount. These make great stocking stuffers for the eco-friendly people in your life.

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