dRain Joint for Easy Storm Water Drainage

I walked the exhibitor floor at the National Green Building Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City and found a few interesting products like this dRain Joint by Arvis Eco.  This is a rainwater management product — specifically, an inserted drainage channel — for pour-in-place surfaces in driveways and parking lots.

The ADA-compliant product is made with aluminum and gives storm water a path to a sub-surface drainage bed.  From there, water can be collected or left to seep back into the ground.

dRain Joint is sold by Indiana-based Arvis Eco and can be delivered in 2-4 weeks.  The product processes about two gallons of water per minute per linear foot and installs at the same time as the surface installation.

[+] More info on the dRain Joint by Arvis Eco.

Credits: Jetson Green, LLC (top), Arvis Eco (#2-3).

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting product. I like the idea and the clean look, but the proposed installation concerns me. The detail shows rebar being completely exposed to rainwater within the drainage channel where it’s just going to rust and deteriorate. Add some freeze-thaw to the rebar deterioration and the concrete slab will fail at the joint giving this an unacceptably short lifecycle. It’s not sustainable if you constantly have to repair the slab.

  • Bryan

    I have considered this issue as well. Comments from my local contractors say that this is not a great concern and the rebar will last a very long time. However, I will make the following recommendations in the installation instructions.
    We recommend the following for rebar used in environments where extreme corrosion could be an issue:
    Use coated or coat rebar with primer and/or paint
    Sleeve rebar with heat shrink tubing several inches on both sides of dRain Joint
    Switch from standard steel rebar to galvanized all thread or synthetic rebar

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