Bazzèo in a Kitchen Preservation Project

Earlier this month, the Historic Savannah Foundation gave a preservation award to a 54-year old, mid-century modern home in Savannah, Georgia.  We were able to get some detail and photos of the kitchen renovation aspect from Bazzèo, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of green kitchen and bath cabinets.  The design retained the original kitchen layout, but water-damaged kitchen and bath cabinets were replaced.

The kitchen has ETRA line cabinets made from re-constituted veneers in a grey, non-toxic finish, as well as GAIA glass line accent cabinets.  These Bazzèo products have zero- to no-off-gassing and are manufactured in an environment where waste and cuttings are recycled or reused.

Other than the cabinets, this green kitchen has a Fagor induction cooktop, a remote-controlled Sirius range hood, a Liebherr fridge and freezer, Blanco sink and faucet, Caesarstone countertops and backsplash, and a Fagor dishwasher.

Not including surfaces or appliances, I’m told this project was completed at a cost of about $35,000, as shown.  That said, every cabinet project and the pricing varies by size, style, cabinets, and finish.

If you’ve completed an eco-friendly rehab lately, submit your green kitchen renovation to the editors for potential publication on

Credits: Bazzèo.

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