Urbio is a fascinating vertical garden system that’s minimalist, expandable, and affordable.  It was designed by Volare Studio and Enlisted Design, who posted the system on Kickstarter to raise funds to bring the product to market.  Urbio includes wall plates, wall mount pucks, and various pot sizes.  It’s the perfect kind of system to liven up a wall while growing herbs, succulents, and other small plants.

The pots are made with “eco-plastic” and connected with strong neodymium magnets, according to a recent press release.

If pledge levels on Kickstarter are any indication, one could get started with Urbio for a couple hundred dollars.  A small pot and wall-mount puck runs $20.  Two small pots, two medium pots, and six wall-mount pucks run $80.  Four small pots, three medium pots, one large pot, nine wall-mount plates, and six wall-mount pucks run $200.

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Credits: Volare Studio and Enlisted Design.