A new company, Switch Lighting, just introduced some new lights that look promising.  The San Jose-based company has what it calls “the brightest warm light LED replacement available,” according to a news release, and we’ve been able to get access to a couple photos of the 75W bulb.  The Cradle to Cradle bulbs — 40W, 60W, and 75W equivalents — have a self-cooling design that maximizes brightness and requires fewer LEDs.

The 75W equivalent has 1150 lumens, 16 watts, 2750 Kelvins, 85 CRI, and a 20,000 hour average life.  It’s dimmable and free of hazardous materials.  In fact, all lamp components are reusable or recyclable, allowing for some kind of non-landfill application at the end of life.

Similarly, the 60W equivalent has 830 lumens, 13 watts, 2750 Kelvins, 85 CRI, and a 20,000 hour average life.

All of these bulbs offer instant-on functionality with the popular A19 shape, but the price is really where it’s at.  I’ve been told the price of the 60W version may come in at $20, or half the price of the competition, with the 75W bulb at or near that price as well.

Switch Lighting expects to offer these LED bulbs for sale at the usual retailers starting this fall.  And the company will showcase the new technology at Lightfair, which is in Philadelphia from May 17-19, 2011, if you’re in the area.

Credits: Switch Lighting.