Fuel-Free Yard Work with EcoMower

You can do one of two things with a grass lawn.  First, you can get rid of it and save water and fuel.  Or, second, you can minimize the lawn surface and avoid fuels when maintaining it.  If the latter is your approach, this new Helix HX1000 from family-owned EcoMower could come in handy.  The light, 21-pound reel mower takes a 16″ path with heat-treated, carbon steel blades designed to cut without much upkeep.  Maintain the quiet, get some exercise, and ditch carbon-based fuels with this reel mower selling from $220.

Photo credits: EcoMower.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000056205053 Blorch Headblownov

    Ignoring the fact that 99% of the raw materials that went into manufacturing it are discarded and 80% – 90% of the energy consumed over the lifetime of the product went into its manufacture… then, yeah, sure, it’s “fuel free”.

    When it comes to embedded ads and mindless consumerism masquerading as “Green Building”, you’re at the top of your class!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Just so you know, we don’t get paid or compensated to write about these things. So, do you have a lawn? What do (or would) you use to maintain it?

  • Caleb+Schafer

    These mowers work if your manicuring a golf green. If you’re trying to cut through normal grass after about a week of growth, good luck. :)

  • Meg

    as a reply to caleb and schaffer– yes that comment is very true about the older models– but the newer contact free cutting systems are so superior– I would give it a try before being a naysayer!

  • ian

    I’ve used a similar mower on my lawn for years. Unless you had an absolutely enormous amount of lawn area, I’m not sure why you would use anything else… they’re quiet, easy to use, small to store, and inexpensive to maintain.

  • Sea Wolf

    Reel mowers are a no-brainer (except in the minority of cases where they simply can’t perform — VERY uneven or rocky ground — where I’d question grass in the first place). But I’d strongly suggest letting the clippings drop as you mow, rather than gathering them in the basket . . . better to leave all that biomass to compost right where you found it.

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