Numi is a Smart Luxe WaterSense Toilet

Wisconsin-based Kohler recently unveiled Numi – the company’s most advanced toilet to date — according to a press release.  Numi meets CALGreen requirements, is WaterSense certified, and has two flush alternatives with .6 and 1.28 gallons per flush.  But it also does a lot more than conserve water.

The smart toilet is controlled with an LCD-based touch-screen interface that facilitates a relatively hands-free experience.  That is to say, this is a bidet with a front and back adjustable spray, an integrated dryer, and a deodorizer to absorb odors.

Numi, which is made with ceramic and glass, also has speakers and the ability to connect with an external audio system, for instance, that may be in the shower.  It has a heated seat feature and a floor vent to warm the user’s feet.

The touch-screen interface is used to open and close the lid and magnetically attaches to a docking station for recharging.  The high-tech commode carries a three-year limited warranty and a list price of $6,390.

Credit: Kohler.

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  • Jeremiah

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHA!…..ok….um….is it a toilet or a maserati? remote control? heated seat and foot warmer? a butt dryer??!! ahahahaha!…..seriously? audio hook-ups?! is it portable too? will it rub my feet while it warms them?….maybe I can choose the features I don’t want and get the price tag down to something even remotely reasonable. OH lord what will they think of next. :-

  • Steven Lyle Jordan

    Somebody call the Russian millionaire from the Direct TV commercials… I’m sure he’d buy one (and a miniature version for his giraffe)…

    • Preston

      Now that’s funny! I think he probably would buy one of these.

  • Newhome

    way~~~~over the top. Anyone that purchases a toilet (it’s a toilet, ok, you s–t in it) like this needs to go visit Haiti, Japan and even poor areas of America for God’s sake. Do something else for the common man other than pamper your own rear end.

    I am disappointed in Jetson Green/Preston for even publishing something like this.

    • Preston

      I appreciate the feedback. As we develop editorial, what specifically about this toilet would you say disqualifies it for mention on this site? The price? Feel free to email me at preston at jetsongreen dot com.

    • Benelux2000

      Japan has these toilets. They are everywhere! 

  • Ramachandra

    Today around 21,000 children died from preventable causes – TODAY!
    And this company wants people to pay nearly $7,000 to take a crap.

    How is that equitable?

    • Preston

      Who said anything about equitable?

      • Ramachandra

        I did… your respnse says it all.

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