Steel Outdoor Fireplace by Modfire

It’s Spring and high time to get outside.  One way to do that is with an outdoor fire feature to warm friends and family as the sun goes down.  Phoenix-based metal artist Brandon Williams designed Modfire, a sleek, 14-gauge steel fireplace, after seeing a need in the market for a cool, modern outdoor options.  His modern 48″ x 22″ feature is available in natural, red, blue, and orange with pricing from $950.  In addition, Modfire can be outfitted to run on natural gas or propane, if desired.

[+] Check out Modern Outdoor Fireplaces by Modfire.

Credits: Modfire.

  • gerrr!

    Just keep in mind: outdoor wood fire burning (or any kind of wood-burning fireplace) is regulated, because of the soot and particulates that are released, thus making it not so green.

    Good looking design, though.

    • Marty Young

      Hi, gerrr! Thanks for the complement on our design. Although many of our customers love our wood-burning models, we also make Modfires that use clean burning propane, natural gas and now a new ethanol burner for those concerned with local fire ordinances and carbon footprint. You can find out more about our fuel options at 

      fyi: the ethanol version is not yet available on our website, but is available as a custom option (just call for details) and will be released as a standard option in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… These all outdoor wood fire burning looking awesome. I really like these all outdoor wood fire burning very effective and great for us. I am really glade for that.

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  • Tyaegs1

    Great looking product, we ordered one and it turned into a rusty heap of metal within 1 week.
    Too bad the producer of this product doesnt stand behind what he makes and is refusing to address the fact that he sold us a defective product

    • Jomacminn

      I am enamoured with the beautiful modfire and in fact am awaiting my shipment of a modfire with excitement and anticipation.  You are obviously angry. I’ve seen you (and only you)  complaining about your experience on a few different forums.In all cases I have noted that the company has responded in a very gracious manor, and in all ways trying to make your wrong a right.  What are your unresolved issues?  They have acknowledged your problems and offered to make everything right.  Has this happened?

  • Anonymous

    These all outdoor fireplace products are very nice and interesting. Thanks for sharing such a great outdoor. I really impressed by that.

  • Marty Young

    I would like to apologize to Tyaegs1 publicly as we have done privately. No one should have a poor experience when purchasing a Modfire. We don’t blame him one bit for being upset. We blew it in responding to his correspondence, and we are sorry for that. We are a small company experiencing rapid growth and got a bit behind in our communications, but our customers deserve – and will receive – better. 
    Like any company, we sometimes experience issues in the manufacturing process – particularly since human beings craft our products. We’re perfectionists but we’re not always perfect. A blackened steel patina is a technical, multi-step process and if any step is not followed exactly, you get flash rusting as was the case here. We don’t consider this to be normal or acceptable results.
    We take our customer relationships very seriously and stand behind each of our products. We are, of course, replacing this defective Modfire with another model. We will work hard to insure that this customer – and every customer – is satisfied with their Modfire experience. If you have any questions about our product quality or our commitment to customer satisfaction, please contact me directly by phone or email.Marty Young
    Modfire, LLC
    [email protected]

  • Chris

    Great response Marty!  You guys are very professional and I know you work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.  I love the ModFire and look forward to having on in my home….soon.

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