HGTV Green Home Earns LEED Platinum

This year’s HGTV Green Home is in the popular Stapleton infill development of Denver, Colorado.  The New Urbanist community features nothing but Energy Star homes that are about 30% more energy efficient than standard homes and 20% more water efficient than typical Denver households.  But the HGTV Green Home 2011 steps things up a notch with a LEED Platinum certified project — it’s one of about 40 in the state.

HGTV Green Home was built with advanced framing techniques such as removing headers in non-load-bearing walls, framing the exterior with 24″ on center (using 2x6s), using a three-stud corner, and installing engineered products in the floor and roof assemblies.

The insulation is a recycled-content blown-cellulose, and the envelope is covered with DuPont Stucco Wrap.

The exterior features a blend of green materials — locally-sourced brick veneers, thin stone veneers, and 50% recycled-content fiber-cement siding.  The windows are Andersen 100 Series with E4 glass and Fibrex reclaimed-wood fiber frames, while the outdoor deckscape is made with Trex Transcend.

The 2,400 square-foot single-family home received a HERS Rating of 38, making it about 62% more efficient than a standard new home built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code.  It’s powered by a 5 kW solar photovoltaic system that’s supposed to generate up to 75% of the home’s energy.

To save water, some of the landscape is replaced with synthetic grass that’s permeable, 100% recyclable, and made with a kid- and pet-friendly “all-natural” composite.  The rest of the landscape has a drip-irrigation system for drought-tolerant plants and shrubs.

Other green elements include Sherwin Williams Harmony no-VOC paints, Shaw Epic 100% recycled wood-fiber floors, interior doors made with beetle-kill wood, and an iPad-controlled Control4 system for monitoring and controlling lights, security, and other elements of the HGTV Green Home.

This home was designed by Michael Woodley, AIA, Woodley Architectural Group, Inc., and built by Infinity Home Collection

HGTV Green Home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and several other utilitarian spaces (i.e., a niche, “do” room, and loft).  The home has a value of something near $700,000, furnishings included, and will be given away with an extra $100,000 and a 2011 GMC Terrain.  The giveaway starts April 14, 2011 at 9 am EST.

Credits: HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2011.

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  • Shayne

    Love that nice gas-guzzling SUV sitting outside of the house, guess you can’t expect any different when it’s HGTV.

    • BD

      Shane, this is actually not a gas guzzling SUV. It’s considered a cross-over and gets an estimated 32mpg. That’s far better than a lot of cars on the road today. It’s actually the same gas mileage as some hybrids.

  • William Wagnon

    So, any word on the direct costs to build something like this?

  • Seattle Architects

    It does feel like a product placement att for GMC. The Terrain is not their most gas guzzling car at 32 mpg.
    Nice house. Good job on the interiors. Al thought the bathroom photo makes it look like a hotel.
    I’m curious why the lower roof line slope toward the house? Am i the only one worred about heavy snow and water accumulating next that wall?

  • electric lift chair

    The home setting is very attractable. Ambiance is very refreshing and perfect for relaxing. The inside scenery were just right and organized. I really can’t stop my self to amaze with this magnificent home.

  • Mark Wilson

    Preston – thanks for the heads up.

  • Mark Wilson

    Preston – thanks for the heads up.

  • Turnerf77

    I’ve just watch the hgtv green home episode. While I think most of the home is incredible, what is with the God-awful hot pink bedroom? It is hideous and detracts from the entire bedroom area. What were they thinking?

  • Son Lakhani

    This house is so awesome! I’m pretty sure such a house would fetch a high price, but the amenities are definitely worth it. Just imagine how much you can save from electric and water bills with such a house! I’d love to have a house like this.

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