Grape Solar PV Systems Sell on Amazon

Oregon-based Grape Solar is now selling grid-tie capable, kilowatt-scale solar photovoltaic systems online via Amazon.  These systems ship in various bundles which include a racking system, an inverter, and several 230-watt panels, depending on the size of the system.

For example, the 2.3 kW system is $9,999.99 ($4.35 per watt), the 3.68 kW system is $14,999.99 ($4.08 per watt), and the 5.06 kW system is $19,999.99 ($3.95 per watt), not including permits, installation, wiring, or electrical.

The system is marketed in a kind of consumer-direct, DIY manner, but self-installation may not be the greatest idea in the world.  Installation pros can help make sure the array is oriented properly, connected safely, and optimized for the property.

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  • Justin

    Interesting idea, however I know where I live you need to get an inspection by an electrical inspector when job is finished to close out the permit. Only licensed electricians can do this so I don’t know how a DIYer will do this.

    • Preston

      Agreed. At the very least, it’s a helpful data point for the equipment cost of a larger system.

  • Terry Beever

    For Professional Utah Solar Instalation the Pricing is right around $5-$6. per wat. Almost Half compared to just 3 years ago. Sweet Little Kit Tho!

    • Preston

      Speaking of Utah, are you going to be at the Utah Renewable Energy Conference later this month? Looks like it has some excellent programs planned.

      • Terry Beever

        We are Preston but just as Observers not Participants this year. They have dramaticlly increased the Price and I Dont see many people going at the $40.00 price point. Should be interesting to see.

  • solar charger

    nice idea, but the price is pretty expensive. I found much cheaper one on greenbaba

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