Five Green Design Blogs to Bookmark

Ecosistema Urbano, an agency that runs a website on the topic of “creative urban sustainability,” recently listed the top environmentally-responsible design blogs with this site included. EU also published the Prezi above saying Jetson Green is a “blogger and tweeter extraordinaire … [that] brings followers the latest strategies for building sustainable homes with natural materials and green technologies.” Here are the other four:

This is high praise and fine company to keep — something to keep working hard for. Thanks Ecosistema Urbano for bookmarking this site and including it in your Prezi.

  • metrohippie

    Congrats Preston… you’re en fuego, amigo! keep up all the great work, you’re providing a fantastic service to the greater community!

    • Preston

      Thanks, Joshua. I have some excellent plans in the works. Can’t wait to begin rolling these things out over the next few months. By the way, loving your new site design — so fresh and clean!

  • m.o.daby design

    Congrats Preston…I concure…long time daily reader!

    -matthew daby
    m.o.daby design

    • Preston

      Matthew, hey that’s a high compliment to have you as a daily reader. Digging your projects … looks like you have some fantastic renovations in the works.

  • metis

    let me one up it. i barely read inhabitat anymore because they cover so much non-green junk and greenwash. i’m sorry, neither conspicuous consumption wrapped in bamboo or questionably sustainably harvested wood, or has an ipod shoved in it, nor renderings of a product or building that will never be built don’t show us what the real state of cutting edge green technology and design is.

  • m.o.daby design

    Thanks Preston! I’ve been meaning to put to use your project submission form and send you a project or two. I’ve got a great LEED Platinum house that was completed about 18 months ago and the homeowner who is a solar consultant has been collecting lots of technical data on the home’s performance since completion. Great to geek out on.

  • megawatts

    Looks like you made it! You do a tremendous service here for us and we appreciate your hard work & effort to continue to present all types of the latest greatest, thanks for a job well done!

    • Preston

      That’s extremely kind of you to say; thanks for your continued reading!

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