Eddy GT Home VAWT Installed in Florida

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The small wind market is doing well these days with lots of new companies popping up all the time.  Since 2007, Urban Green Energy, one of these newish companies, has been expanding and growing — their vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) has been installed in 48 countries.  One of their most recent installations was broadcast to the world last month on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (pictured).

In Cocoa, Florida, the Hurston family received a new eddy GT 1 kW turbine.  The turbine accompanies a big home that was built to be net-zero energy over the course of a year.

The 1kW version eddy GT weighs almost 400 pounds and has carbon fiber and fiberglass blades.  It’s rated, of course, at 1,000 W (using a wind speed of 26 mph) and has a cut-in wind speed of 7 miles per hour.  While pricing varies and installation will cost extra, the eddy GT is reportedly sold for the price of about $7,000.

Credits: Ryan Seeloff; ABC (top only).

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  • Anonymous

    It looks very nice, but the Eddy GT only puts out about 1,750 kWh per year in 13 mph average winds. With that kind of production, it will be very, very hard to ever pay back the $7,000 initial cost.

  • Rocky

    The performance, and of course the pay-back period, of wind turbines depends on the wind resources. Mild winds can not generate meaningful electricity.

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