U.S. Sunlight this year introduced a new product in the form of a low-profile skylight with flexible tubing and a 14″ ceiling lens.  Similar to the flat-glass Sun Tunnel by Velux, Skylight Tube ditches the dome-shaped roof lens for a flatter, square design.  The new product was designed for simplicity and efficiency and can be installed in a couple hours by a professional or an afternoon by a DIYer (with the right tools).

Skylight Tube has eight feet of flexible tubing and can naturally illuminate up to 150 square feet.  The Energy Star-qualified product is made with a double-paned polycarbonate design that’s supposed to minimize solar gain and maximize lighting and energy savings.

One thing to keep in mind with the model shown, #2014ST, is that it’s compatible with shingle roofs.  It won’t work with tile, slate, or flat roofs.

I recently noticed Skylight Tube selling at Costco.com for the price of $239.99, including shipping and handling.  If this deal’s no longer available or you want to spend more money, Skylight Tube is available direct from U.S. Skylight for $449.00.  You may even be entitled to claim a tax credit for some of the purchase price.

Credits: U.S. Sunlight.