Saving Water with UgMO ProHome

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Depending on where you are on the Pyramid of Water Conservation, you may still have turf grass or an irrigation system, or both.  And these things guzzle water like crazy through Spring and Summer.  If you’re thinking about using less water and saving more money at the same time, perhaps UgMO Technologies — short for underground monitoring — could help out with their water-saving UgMO ProHome system.

ProHome is a soil sensor system that wirelessly monitors moisture and temperature to make sure the landscape gets just the right amount of water and no more.  The system allows for up to 24 root-level sensors that can be placed in sprinkler zones for real-time monitoring.

So long as sensors are within 600 feet of the base station, the station will collect real-time data and preclude watering when optimal moisture levels are present.  Each station controls up to six zones and the system can be retrofitted with existing irrigation stations.

A typical four- to six-sensor system takes about an hour to install and could pay for itself in as little as 1-2 years.  Pricing varies; however, a two-sensor system, for example, is available at this time for $499 through participating installers.

ProHome has the potential to reduce homeowner water consumption by up to 60%, according to UgMO.  One Florida customer went from using 41,000 gallons of water in three months down 4,000 gallons over the same time period without sacrificing landscape aesthetics.

[+] More info on UgMO ProHome Soil Sensor System.

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Credits: UgMO Technologies.

  • rc

    What a great idea, would love to have one!

  • Willo

    I have been struggling with my water use in July and August. It’s really hard to tell that I am over-watering but I know I am because I checked my water bill and I certainly don’t need to use as many gallons as I have been. Most of my plants are fairly drought tolerant so the only thing that needs a lot of water are my raised beds and I am pretty sure I was even over-watering them. I have a rain sensor but it is not nearly as fine tuned as the UgMO would be. I wonder if these sensors would work well in raised beds. That would be amazing.

    • Kschinella

      UgMO can be used in raised beds and plenty of folks have found that their plants are healthier than ever because they are receiving the optimal amount of water. The best way to find out what is right for your particular plantings is to have an Authorized UgMO Installer come out and take a look at your yard.
      Happy gardening!

    • Preston

      Willo, looks like you’re going to find out. You’ve won the giveaway of UgMO ProHome. Congrats. I’ll email you to get contact information to get you the voucher for this.

      • Willo

        No way! WAHOO. I’m so excited! I try to plan my veg garden and my landscaping so it’s fairly stress free but water is the big thing I worry about and this will help a lot. Very cool. Thanks!

        • Preston

          Willo, sent you an email, but haven’t heard back. Send your name, phone, contact info to jetsongreen at yahoo dot com.

  • Leebrannock

    Saving water and money, I like it.

  • Seth Neal

    No, seriously, I comment all the time. I’m not commenting just for free stuff! But you can reach me at… 208.515…

  • Jen E.

    It would feel really great to reduce our water consumption in any amount. Thanks for the info.

  • roger

    i’ve never used an irrigation system before but will this year. hope we’re not in the 41k gallon ballpark.

  • JP

    definitely a great water saver, the technology is a move in the right direction.

  • jared

    Me por favor

  • Jcharak58

    give it to me

  • Michael Lee

    This technology looks promising. I manage golf courses for a living so I’ve developed an eye for when turfgrass plants need water and a comparison of the art vs. science would be a great learning experience. The multiple zone sensors could be the major strength of this system. Michael Lee.

  • Darrell

    I have close to 5,000 sq ft of yard that I’d love to have such a system to use on.

  • Jo

    Would love it! Struggled and spent a lot of money on water in last years drought!

  • Michael Maynard

    I am a certified installer in the Arizona market and have seen remarkable savings with not only residential customers but commercial and public sector applications. This product takes the guess work on how much to water to keep a healthy landscape.

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