A Smart Prototype for New Modern Prefab

This new home embodies one of the most interesting developments in prefab to hit the West Coast in several years.  The Sunlight Residence, a 2,560 square-foot home listed for sale at $850,000, is a prototype by Proto Homes constructed in a hybrid-prefab system with all sorts of smart, green, and stylish elements.  It’s completely wired — each new home comes with an iPad to control the lights, music, cameras, alarm, temperature, and fireplace — and quite green, too.

Located at 5182 Sunlight Place, Los Angeles, California, the home has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and 2,650 square feet of total space.

Proto Homes told Jetson Green in an email that the Sunlight Residence has a cool roof, an EcoClad metal exterior, double-pane windows, passive solar design, design for natural cross ventilation, Energy Star appliances, LED and CFL lighting, GreenGuard-certified wall insulation, drip irrigation landscaping, drought-tolerant succulents and native grasses, a 90% efficiency forced air unit, seasonally adjusted air flow, a tankless water heater, Timber Strand wall framing lumber, and an all-metal roof assembly.

Sunlight Residence was built in six months, but going forward, Proto Homes expects to build most homes in about four months.  A key aspect of construction is the Proto Core, which is a prefab chase or “core” with all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.  Proto Core is like the heart or engine of the home.

In the future, owners will have the opportunity to upgrade their Proto Core with an advanced package, such as Proto Green, a core that supports photovoltaics, gray water, and other eco-friendly technologies and systems.  And since the important gear is loaded in the “core,” owners can easily maintain, access, and upgrade their Proto Home.

Credits: Lisa Romerein.

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  • Ramirez David29

    when was the Sunlight Residence built?

  • Pwb956

    great house, great location, great neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      not so great price….

  • http://www.partybaggers.co.uk party bags

    The design it has is something new for me. I usually see the same.

  • guest

    The photo above looks a little like a giant closet but I visited the Sunlight residence in daylight and at night – it is gorgeous!! The green features and innovative core concept is impressive but mostly I love the flow and functionality of the whole house. 

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