Three Modern Chicken Coops by Studio H

Students in Studio H, a design-build program for high school students in Bertie County, North Carolina, recently completed their second major project.  The project required the design and construction of three, unique, full-scale, chicken coops to house six chickens each.  Students had a budget of $500 per coop, but they also incorporated reclaimed and repurposed materials.  Here are the chicken coop designs:

ChickTopia: A Twisting Fun Run Coop

ChickTopia was made with more than 100 reclaimed tobacco barn sticks to create a mesmerizing, twisted chicken run between the roosting and feeding boxes.

Chicken Circus: A Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coop

Chicken Circus was made with pallet wood, corrugated metal, tube metal, and swinging doors for easy human access. The trapezoidal form allows for a chicken run connected to a loft-like space.

Coopus Maximus: A Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Coop

Coopus Maximus was inspired by the geometric designs of Buckminster Fuller and was fashioned on the fly one joint at a time.

Credits: Project H Design, Studio H.

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  • Jesse Pender

    These are great. What a good thing for high schoolers to do.

  • TGriz

    Wow! I really like these! I especially like the “Chicken Circus”. I want to be a chicken and live there too!

    Great job!!

  • Harriet Russell

    I don’t know … I like the looks of them, but I’m not sure that chickens are particularly interested in aesthetics. What they do like is a roosting ladder, and light, and the ability to scratch in the dirt. All three designs are missing one or more of these essentials.

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  • Sara06

    Cool !!

  • The Mule Wagon

    Heavens to Betsey, don’t put any chickens in those things!  I don’t see any ventilation, one of them is painted black (the better to fry the birds!), and poop will accumulate in those slanted floors and odd angles.  Also, raccoons will rip out the chicken wire in a second – small runs need hardware cloth instead.

    I think next years’ challenge should be building a chicken coop that’s both practical AND innovative!

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