If you follow the tiny house movement, you may have heard about Blake’s Tiny House.  The project is led by a team of four – Blake Dinkins, Lance Cayko, Alex Gore, and Sarah Schulz – who met at North Dakota University while pursuing master of architecture degrees.  Their goal is to document the construction of the 128-square foot home from beginning to end.

Blake’s Tiny House is moving forward with the design shown here, which is in development.  In terms of green features, the team envisions solar panels, an indoor planting garden, a water collection system, passive solar gain, and a transformer-style, fold-down deck.

That said, the design is still being finalized and the team is looking for community feedback.  They’re also interested in talking with sponsors and will incorporate feedback and sponsor contributions throughout the process.

The tiny house has a footprint of 8″x16″ and the budget is a tight $4,500 – $6,500.  Updates of the project will be posted on the website for Blake’s Tiny House and completion is planned for late summer, early fall 2011.

Credits: Blake’s Tiny House.