Efficient SIPs Lanefab House in Vancouver

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When you build one of the first laneway houses in Vancouver – and a modern, green one at that – you tend to attract a crowd.  The open house of this home gathered more than a 1,000  visitors with a one-hour backlog at times.  It’s the first in Vancouver’s EcoDensity program, which allows for a small, alley-access structure on existing single-family property.

(c) KristaJahnke.com

Located at McGill and Slocan Streets, the Mendoza House was designed and built by Lanefab, a company out of Vancouver that focuses on laneway and custom houses. Lanefab has five such projects under construction, nine in the design stage, and two that will be solar-powered and net-zero energy.

Mendoza House was built with Insulspan SIPs (R40 walls, R50 roof), Aaron Windows triple-glazed windows, LED and fluorescent lighting, low-VOC paints, and Broda low-VOC wood finishes.

The construction process was documented in a Facebook album maintained by Lanefab.

The 710 square-foot home also has a Cent-a-Meter whole-house energy monitor and rain chains that direct water into planter boxes on the side of the home. The bathroom photo shows an impressive 10′ ceiling and a wood-slat shower floor that runs with the concrete floor.

All in all, I’d say Lanefab set a high bar for others with this project’s clean lines, green materials, and open design.

(c) KristaJahnke.com

Credits: Krista Jahnke (1-3), Ming Pao Daily (4), Amanda Mitchell (5-6).

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    Beautiful design. It’s nice to see a house with some real R Values used in both the walls and ceiling. There is no reason every new house shouldn’t have R Values any less than this. As we are based in Arizona we understand the need for thick insulated walls. A wall with R19 in comparison just isn’t enough for our harsh summers.

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