LSG Seeks Top Prize with New LED Bulb

Today Lighting Science Group unveiled a new 60-watt replacement LED bulb that “meets or exceeds all of the criteria for the L Prize,” according to CTO Fred Maxik.  If you’re not familiar with the competition, in order to win, the lamp must run better than 90 watts per lumen, produce more than 900 lumens, use less than 10 watts, last more than 25,000 hours, have more than a 90 color rendering index, and have a color between 2700-3000 K.

In addition, the winning bulb must have a target consumer price of $22 for year one, $15 for year two, and $8 for year three.

The government-sponsored L Prize competition has other requirements, such as domestic manufacturing minimums and the submission of 2,000 qualifying bulbs, but you get the general idea.  It’s not an easy competition.

The new bulb unveiled today is currently being produced in quantities to be tested by the Department of Energy.  No retail channel has been established, but the company expects to sell the bulb for $22.  LSG told Jetson Green in an email the bulb has no mercury, lead, or other toxins.

LSG already has one of the best, low-cost LED bulbs on the market.  The 60-watt replacement Definity LED — 850 lumens, 13 watts, 50,000 hours, price below $30 — is available to commercial/industrial customers and set for Home Depot shelves in May 2011.  Another bulb worth watching is the Cree TrueWhite LED, which is not bright enough for the L Prize, but it’s very efficient and features good color.

Would you buy a 60-watt replacement LED for $22?

Credit: Lighting Science Group.

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  • gerrr!

    If LSG can keep to that price target, +/- $5, I’d most definitely buy it, at least to try it, especially if it has zero lead and mercury. I suspect there will be a lot of price competition later this year though, making that initial year one $22 target a necessity rather than wishful thinking.

  • Andrew Stone

    I would buy it and at least try it out. Though, it would take a much larger price reduction for me to consider full replacement throughout my home.

  • shk00design

    An article written over 1 yr. ago doesn’t apply today. Recently went to IKEA and they were promoting 40W & 60W equivalent LED bulbs for under $10. Even Home Depot now has wider selections of LED bulbs for under $20.

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