24 Square-Foot Home Goes Mainstream

Gypsy Junker, a 24 square-foot shack built by Derek Diedricksen, recently hit the New York Times and the article is blowing up right now.  The Gray Lady published some excellent photos, which you can see in the Home & Garden section.

Also, it’s Friday, so hang loose and watch this video with a tour of the tiny house. Diedricksen made Gypsy Junker with something like 90% reclaimed materials (i.e., discarded items, construction waste, old junk) and is selling it for $3,000.

If you like what Diedricksen’s doing — watch a little video and find yourself sucked in to his humorous take on things — you can buy his book on micro-house design called “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” for $17.95.

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  • Justin

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it a house. It’s just a box around a bed. A little more like a jail cell than a house.

  • Elina

    I love it. Innovative and creative!

  • http://www.portlandtradesmen.com Jesse Pender

    Fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan

    Ingenious! Artsy and brilliant detail, function and just plain kid-like fun…. could be a great option for homeless shelters for those who can’t reside in shelters…. land anyone?

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