Sustainable Luxury in the Vicino House

The Vicino House rests on a cliff overlooking about 180 degrees of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  But the view isn’t the only thing worth mentioning with this gut renovation.  In fact, the Pacific Palisades home achieved LEED Platinum certification and all electricity is provided by a 28-panel, 5.2 kW rooftop photovoltaic array. Two solar thermal panels provide about 70% of the domestic hot water needs.

Vicino House embodies twin goals: sustainable living and luxury design.  Michael Gottlieb (owner/developer) explained that the project team “worked diligently to insure that the green systems and products … would not only achieve the desired efficiencies, but also create a higher level of refinement and elegance to the home.

To that end, Vicino has walls of opening glass doors, FSC ipe hardwood floors, 100% recycled glass counters, recycled content concrete counters, custom LED lighting, bio-lime plaster walls, and radiant floor heating.

The home is tightly insulated with bio-based blown-in insulation and, to maintain clean indoor air, only low- or no-VOC paints, sealants, and glues were used inside.

Vicino House was completed through the collaboration of several team members, including owner Michael Gottlieb, Forma Design Group, Kelly Bryant Designs, Thibault Construction, and California Green Designs.

Credits: David Kramer, Kramer Studio.

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  • Anonymous

    i’m confused about the two rooms, out the in hallway it shows in the plan a set of stairs, yet there’s a door from one room to the other as if it’ at the same level?!?

    other then that, this is KILLER NICE! i just wonder about the door for the master bedroom into the living room, seems off a bit…

  • Emerson1899

    Not to be a wet blanket, and I know these kinds of comments have been posted before for many other projects, but the title “luxury sustainable” seems to be an oxymoron. Until the every-man (and woman) can achieve more sustainable living conditions, one-off buildings such as this won’t make an impact.

  • Kayjsharp

    Brilliant conception…..Sustainable Luxury is great way to look after the environment while also indulging in luxury. It does not let you feel guilty to live luxurious.   

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