Simple Urban Beekeeping for Under $500

Interest in urban chickens is growing and — it would seem — the same holds true for urban beekeeping.  An outfit out of West Bend, Wisconsin,, is selling personal use beehives for $450, including everything but bees and the know how.  The kit comes IKEA-style ready for assembly with a screwdriver and Allen wrench.  A single, top-bar Beepod will create about 40 pounds of high-quality honey, as well as propolis, pollen, and wax, if you harvest it.

[+] More info on Beepod Personal Bee Kits.

Credits: Beepod.

  • Ruben

    Hmm. I was ready to rant about teh bee “kits” that can often be bought cheaper as individual parts. But then I saw it was a top-bar hive! Still, you could build this hive for free from scrap, as many people have. Still! It is a top-bar hive!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like a well made top bar hive, good brand name, the more beekeepers who adopt top bar beekeeping the better. Very best David

  • Evans Cedar Beehives

    Looks great, if you consider Langstroth hives check out

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