In conjunction with the launch of this site’s new design (which has been an unbelievable success to date), I thought long and hard about the direction of Jetson Green.  I can’t say where this site will be in five years, but it occurred to me that the best focus was the residential context.  Thus, Jetson Green is not just a green building site any more, it’s a “design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology.

Beyond that, you may wonder, what’s really going on here?  What’s the overall purpose, aim, or mission?

Well, first and foremost, we’re trying to improve homes and lives.  We’re not just publishing information, and we’re definitely not advancing any political agenda.  We’re not after needless consumption.  Rather, we see things like beautiful design and green technology as critical avenues to abundant living — to making the world better because we’re here.

So here’s a first attempt to state what perhaps the mission of this site will be:

The mission of Jetson Green is the enhance homes, and the lives of people in them, with beautiful design, smart construction, resource conservation, energy efficiency, water efficiency, healthy air, green technology, and renewable energy.

Now, to take a step back, let me say that mission statements tend to have no meaning.  They’re a bunch of words for some companies.  But hopefully not this one.  In that vein, you may notice subtle changes here in the next few months.

Expect to see more tools and resources (e.g., find a solar pro or how tos).  Expect to meet a materials editor and a technology editor.  Expect to see more commentary from domain experts.  And expect to see us collaborating with the community and sponsors like never before.  All of this would be to facilitate the mission.

I also want to say that I appreciate your readership, participation, and perspective.  Feel free to drop me a line at preston at jetsongreen dot com, if you have a feedback or want to discuss opportunities for sponsoring this site or working together in the future.