Reader Viktor Stakhov was nice enough to share renderings of Ogden House, a contemporary home he designed for Missouri-based EuroDome.  The 1,778 square-foot house is meant for young professionals — the lower level has an open kitchen and living space while the upper level has a master suite and office space.  And that’s it.

Behind the design is something that’s small, efficient, modern, and affordable.

Stakhov tells me construction documents will be finalized in a month, but the general aim is $90 – $100 per square foot for construction.  In other words, the expectation would be to build this home for about $160,000 – $180,000 in Columbia, Missouri.

Ogden House will have a heat pump, energy efficient appliances, natural lighting, large overhangs, bamboo flooring, green countertops, low- or no-VOC paints, and a rainscreen exterior with a waterproof membrane, 3/4″ spacers, and a combination of metal siding and cedar boards.

In addition, EuroDome and Stakhov are collaborating to expand this design with four or five more plans.  Those plans, when complete, will have two- to three-bedroom layouts to accommodate larger families and other needs.

Credits: Viktor Stakhov.